The winery

BODEGAS La VAL, founded in 1985, is one of the pioneer brands in the D.O. RIAS BAIXAS. Initially the winery was located in the village of O Rosal, close to the Miño River, and the so-called LA VAL estate was growing in those years the grape varieties: Albariño, Loureiro and Treixadura.

The success in the sales of high quality wines led to the search of the best estates to plant more wines. This objective was achieved with the purchase of the estate Arantei (1985), Taboexa (1985), Pexegueiro (2001) and Porto (2011).

The winery is one of the most important in terms of own winemaking, as its vineyards provide practically the whole production. Besides, the facilities are capable of producing more than 1 million litres of wine.

Bodegas Laval
In 2003 we moved our production facilities to Finca Arantei, in a brand-new and modern winery, equipped with the most modern technologies in winemaking. The building of the winery is located in an estate of 35 hectares of vineyards, from which 6,600 square meters are the useful surface of the whole building. The production facilities take up to 3,800 square meters, and the rest are offices, entrance hall, event rooms, laboratory, kitchen, tasting rooms,…

In 2010 there is a change in the capital of the Company, Mr. Jose Limeres Guille, the founder of the winery, stays in this new structure as President of Honour of the company.

The result is the consolidation of BODEGAS LA VAL and its brands, with a clear aim of growing in the international markets and keeping the traditional production of excellent wines.

Bodegas La Val in figures

Production forecast for 2014 is around 500.000 bottles, which represents an increase of 15% compared to the previous year’s harvest.

Nowadays, Bodegas La Val has a permanent staff of 13 people that may be multiplied by ten during the harvest period in September.

Bodegas La Val turnover in 2013 was 1.6 million Euros.