Who we are

In 2010 Fernando Bandeira, general manager for more than a decade, and Antonio Ruiloba, renowned finance consultant, lead the process of management buyout, together with a group of investors, becoming the new owners of the winery.

The two project promoters are:

Fernando Bandeira García, general manager from Bodegas La Val, SL

Fernando Bandeira (1961) holds a degree in Business Sciences in Universidad Autonoma in Madrid with a minor of Business Administration, together with several master courses and specialisation courses in management and marketing in the wine sector.

His professional experience began in 1986 in the family business Bodegas Bandeira, SA. He has held positions of responsibility in cooperatives of both wine and canning sectors, but since 1996 he is in charge of general management of Bodegas La Val, position he still performs.

He is the main promoter of the significant transformation of the winery in the last thirteen years, which supposed triple income, relocation of production facilities to Salvatierra, internationalisation of customer base with more than 60% of total sales abroad.

Antonio Ruiloba Molíns

Antonio Ruiloba (1964) studied a degree in Business Sciences in Colegio Universitario in Vigo with a minor of Business Administration. He has also attended to several master courses focused mainly on management and administration.

His professional experience began in 1991 in a subsidiary of Grupo Copo, a multinational with Galician capital from automobile auxiliary industry sector. Through the 17 years he has worked in this multinational, Antonio has developed different positions of responsibility, more precisely in the last 8 years we was Director of the Group (finance and commercial), reporting directly to the Managing Director. During this period, a process of both national and international expansion of Grupo Cobo was carried out with opening of new subsidiaries in Barcelona, Madrid, La Habana (Cuba), Curitiba (Brasil) and Detroit (USA). During his tenure, Grupo Cobo achieved a turnover from 50 to 250 million Euro.

In 2008 he was hired by a Corporate Finance company to be in charge of Vigo branch office, conducting mergers and acquisition operations.

Antonio is currently, together with Fernando, joint administrator of the winery.